Monday, June 2, 2008

McGuire, the team mascot!

Although not an official member of the team, there is no doubt this guy is a friend of everyone at the office. His name is McGuire and he is a 1 year old Kerry Blue Terrier. In public, Mcguire is often confused for a giant schnauzer, or even the dog on the local Toyota commercials! (which is a giant schnauzer) While he is neither of those, he is an amazing companion and friend to everyone- especially the TSB staff. I just wanted to take a minute to introduce him to all of you as he has become the unofficial team mascot and will soon be appearing on our website and various advertisements. Keep an eye out for this large friendly pooch and be sure to say hello if you see him “out and about”. He has been known to frequent dog parks, the local PetSmart and go on late night walks with me. (Brandon)

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